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  1. Tackling hesitation
  2. Highlights
  3. Free Safety Help
  4. TMS vs Riddell Shoulder Pads
  5. Ares Needed to be a Complete Running Back
  6. Helmet Issues
  7. Question about these shoulder pads I just got
  8. Corner Back Tips
  9. how to become a better player?
  10. College Q!
  11. Offensive line help
  12. Cleats for CB
  13. Looking to buy a new helmet.(Semi-Pro)
  14. football cleats
  15. Equipement/Protections
  16. Right size to go on to the next level??
  17. Linebacker quickness
  18. Coming back to football
  19. Is the jersey I bought real?
  20. wide receiver gloves
  21. first year wide receiver
  22. Tips for NT's & OT's
  23. QB help...
  24. Question about being in D1 NCAA football
  25. whats the best position for me ? HELP
  26. Need Help with at Stat
  27. Highschool football blues..
  28. Technique against Scrum O (no splits) Offensive Line
  29. Please Help!!!
  30. Shoes
  31. What do i Play ?
  32. best linebacker gloves?
  33. Football help
  34. I need advice!!
  35. do you guys think i have a chance to be on the highschool freshman football team
  36. WR tips
  37. Please Need Your Help
  38. Am i a big cornerback?
  39. im going to highschool next year
  40. Good position for me?
  41. Getting used to getting hit?
  42. FootBall is all I have left… please help me in becoming a better Cornerback (CB)
  43. Not Sure
  44. newbie question
  45. Bill Nye The Football Guy!
  46. describe your "tackle"
  47. Greetings from Belgium
  48. What Should I Do?
  49. running back tips !!!!!!!!
  50. riddell power shoulder pads
  51. What position would you put me at for first year high school football?
  52. No football team
  53. I really want to join football...
  54. Want to play QB
  55. What kind of cleats do you have?
  56. Reciever Gloves
  57. need runningback tips
  58. Up Coming Season
  59. Pads Help for a DB
  60. Summer training camps - worth it?
  61. Coach is crazy..
  62. Adult leagues?
  63. Linebacker play from A-Z?
  64. How to block and tackle hard?
  65. I'm back need help to prepare for training camp.!!!!!!!!!
  66. Which collar
  67. Help on being a MLB
  68. QB/Leader
  69. I want to be a Cornerback
  70. need help?
  71. How do I need to improve?
  72. Getting started rather late...
  73. How to paint Riddell helmet
  74. just need some help?
  75. need goals...
  76. Slump :(
  77. I made the oline but now i have a problem
  78. Gettin on the D squad and not O
  79. What helmet do you wear?

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