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  1. Eagles following the model of the Chargers?
  2. Die Hard Eagles fan????
  3. UNIQUE League none like it in the fantasy world NONE
  4. Eagles sign S/CB Malcolm Jenkins to 3-yr/$16.25M
  5. Jeremy Maclin out for the season with torn ACL
  6. Eagles 2013 Schedule
  7. Eagles' Peters arrested in La.
  8. Eagles to expand stadium, with hopes for a Philly Super Bowl
  9. Eagles add another QB
  10. Asomugha back in Philly?
  11. Vick thinks he can run for 1000
  12. Vick and Eagles agree on restructured deal
  13. Trent Cole to have hand surgery
  14. Kelly's crew
  15. Eagles get permission to interview Bruce Arians
  16. Andy Reid is officially out as Eagles coach
  17. Asomugha knows he hasn’t been “Superman”
  18. Reid touts Castillo for head-coaching jobs
  19. Report: Foles will start for Eagles Monday
  20. Eagles fire defensive coordinator Juan Castillo
  21. Andy Reid: Vick is fine
  22. Vick: Only way to make 2012 a success is to win SB
  23. Coach Reid suggests he'll reduce McCoy's load
  24. Eagles get down to 75 players
  25. Hall of Fame RB dies
  26. Eagles coach Andy Reid's son found dead
  27. Andy Reid thought Asante Samuel was in “steep decline”
  28. Eagles 2012 Schedule
  29. Vick prays to play a full season
  30. Surveillance video will be key in Dion Lewis case
  31. Vick’s message to rookies on Goodell: “He don’t play”
  32. Eagles out to improve “terrible” kick returns
  33. Nnamdi Asomugha says Eagles learned it takes time to build a team
  34. Eagles add another tackle, via waivers
  35. Eagles took Cox to stop the QB
  36. Eagles look to get rid of Asante this week
  37. Asante is worth a fifth or sixth round pick
  38. DeSean Could Be Gone In Two Seasons
  39. Eagles might be looking at QBs early in draft
  40. Jason Peters suffers ruptured Achilles tendon
  41. Eagles still trying to trade Asante Samuel
  42. LeSean McCoy contract could be next Eagles issue
  43. Report: Texans trading DeMeco Ryans to the Eagles
  44. DeSean Jackson agrees to five-year deal with Eagles
  45. Eagles extend Trent Cole's deal
  46. First franchise tag goes to DeSean Jackson
  47. Eagles will evaluate helath during combine.
  48. Study: Eagles corners can't tackle
  49. Jason Babin says Eagles made the right call keeping Juan Castillo
  50. DeSean Jackson takes aim at Rob Ryan
  51. Vince Young sued for trying to make it rain
  52. Ronnie Brown trade voided
  53. Eagles lineman asks fans to take down anti-Reid sign
  54. Eagles lock media out of locker room
  55. The pitchforks are out in Philadelphia
  56. Juan Castillo takes the blame for Eagles’ D, won’t be fired
  57. Is Vick beating him self?
  58. Eagles suffered Week Four’s worst loss
  59. Another week, another Vick injury
  60. Report: Trent Cole has grade two calf strain
  61. Asomugha a symbol of early Eagles struggles
  62. Michael Vick backs out of radio show
  63. Eagles problems & solutions
  64. Eagles WR Maclin expects to play Sunday Vs. 49ers
  65. Pereira thinks Vick should have been fined
  66. DeSean Jackson says his main goal is to stay healthy
  67. League won’t fine Vick for his comments about officiating
  68. Report: Vick likely to play this week
  69. Pereira calls Vick’s complaints “a bunch of bull”
  70. Eagles linebacker makes a Miami Heat comparison
  71. Eagles will keep same starting linebackers
  72. LeSean McCoy says Giants aren’t better than Eagles
  73. ESPN analysts at odds on Vick hits
  74. Report: Vick will miss 3-4 weeks
  75. Report: Vick will start
  76. Vick has been cleared to practice, not play
  77. Asante Samuel still sounds unhappy
  78. Vick’s helmet, lack of mouthpiece scrutinized as he prepares to play
  79. Vince Young says he has an impostor
  80. Sunday Night Football producer explains absence of replay on Vick pick
  81. Even the Eagles recommend running on the Eagles
  82. Maclin: Don’t blame illness for quiet opener
  83. DeSean Jackson took out insurance policy before season
  84. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was odd man out in opener
  85. Steve Smith may play for Eagles, Vince Young likely won’t
  86. DeSean expects to cash in like other star WRs
  87. Extension for LeSean McCoy could be on Eagles menu
  88. Joselio Hanson returns to Eagles
  89. Danny Watkins admits transition to NFL has been “overwhelming”
  90. T.O. says DeSean shouldn’t show up on Sunday
  91. Vince Young suffers hamstring injury
  92. Jarrad Page still penciled in as a starting safety in Philly
  93. Eagles offensive line transformation is complete (for now)
  94. BREAKING NEWS: Michael Vick and Eagles agree to a six-year, 100$ million contract
  95. Eagles move Todd Herremans to right tackle
  96. Vick sticks up for shaky offensive line
  97. Mike Patterson shines, with treatment on hold
  98. Vince Young may not have backup job locked up
  99. Eagles insist Vick has good blitz awareness
  100. Vick contract talks progressing
  101. Castillo quote causes a stir
  102. Nate Allen struggling to regain form
  103. Vince Young says “Dream Team” remark was taken out of context
  104. Eagles’ Castillo says LBs “will be ready to win the Super Bowl”
  105. Norm Willey, who claimed 17 sacks in a game, dies at 83
  106. Eagles’ Chaney upset with “cheap shot” from Steelers’ Foster
  107. Leitch on Vick’s statement: “I wouldn’t disagree with a word of it”
  108. Andy Reid: “We all stunk”
  109. Maclin still a week away from practicing
  110. Jeremy Maclin’s health status still not cleared up
  111. Hall of Fame wideout Pete Pihos dies at 87
  112. LeSean McCoy not ready to bury hatchet with Steve Smith
  113. DeSean says he’ll play Thursday
  114. “Gag order” on Jeremy Maclin’s status ends Tuesday
  115. DeSean’s confidence is in midseason form
  116. Mike Patterson back in uniform
  117. Reid optimistic that Maclin will be ready for Week One
  118. Steve Smith disagrees with Coughlin’s assessment
  119. Eagles sign WR Steve Smith to a 1-year deal
  120. Hernia surgery for Marlin Jackson
  121. Andy Reid: Jason Avant is the best inside receiver in the NFL
  122. Casey Matthews looks like Philly’s starting middle linebacker
  123. DeSean Jackson vows not to be a distraction
  124. Maclin’s status remains a mystery
  125. DeSean Jackson arrives in Philadelphia
  126. Report: DeSean will show up in camp Monday
  127. Randal Cunningham making a comeback
  128. There was and is no Moss offer from Eagles
  129. Mike Patterson has brain condition that caused seizure
  130. Lurie doesn’t like “Dream Team” label
  131. Eagles lose a pair of linemen
  132. Under new CBA, DeSean’s deadline is August 9
  133. The Eagles can’t stop signing players
  134. Andy Reid: “Dreams aren’t reality … we’re not into that”
  135. McNabb says Eagles “have more problems than people are looking at”
  136. Report: Eagles made post-retirement offer to Moss
  137. Mike Patterson says he’s fine
  138. Eagles still won’t reveal what’s wrong with Jeremy Maclin
  139. Eagles sign Ryan Harris
  140. Jeremy Maclin arrives at Eagles camp
  141. DeSean Jackson holdout continues
  142. Ronnie Brown heads to the Eagles
  143. Noel Devine quit on the Eagles
  144. Eagles thought they were out of running for Asomugha
  145. Banner says it’s in DeSean’s short-term, long-term interests to show up
  146. For 2011 Eagles, it’s Super Bowl or bust
  147. DeSean Jackson not planning to end holdout, yet
  148. Eagles sign guard Evan Mathis
  149. Eagles’ Maclin missing because of illness, Samuel has personal issue
  150. Vince on Vick: “We’re going to compete”
  151. Eagles land Cullen Jenkins
  152. Eagles trade Brodrick Bunkley to Browns for fifth-round pick
  153. The Noel Devine era already is over in Philly
  154. Oh by the way: Eagles add Donald Lee, Johnnie Lee Higgins
  155. Expect to hear some Asante Samuel trade talk
  156. Michael Vick looks forward to mentoring Vince Young
  157. Nnamdi Asomugha signs 5-year deal with Eagles
  158. Leonard Weaver upset that media, not Eagles, told him he was cut
  159. Report: Vince Young wants to play in Philly
  160. Vick, Eagles in initial stages of contract talks
  161. Kolb - DRC Trade Finally Done!
  162. DeSean Jackson is officially a holdout
  163. Jason Babin is headed to the Eagles
  164. Trade talks will keep Kolb away from Eagles camp
  165. Eagles sign eight draft picks
  166. Kolb-DRC Trade Heating Back Up?
  167. Eagles website offers Rodgers-Cromartie jerseys
  168. Report: DeSean will be a NoShow
  169. So much for that “done deal” between Eagles and Cardinals
  170. Noel Devine chooses the Eagles
  171. Eagles won’t re-sign any of their unrestricted free agents
  172. Are the Eagles in line to get the best talent in FA?
  173. Michael Vick isn’t sweating his contract
  174. DeSean Jackson holdout could be coming
  175. Glazer: Eagles say there’s no interest in Favre
  176. Eagles want Fartve....
  177. Stewart Bradley wants to stay in Philly
  178. Eagles could run more Cover 2 this season
  179. Vick urges Congress to make attending a dog fight a federal crime
  180. Former Eagle Reno Mahe charged with felony theft
  181. Tents, bleachers going up at Lehigh for Eagles camp
  182. Brandon Graham underwent microfracture surgery
  183. DeSean Jackson: Plaxico and I “would be a dangerous combination”
  184. Hobbs says McDermott told Eagles players after safety film: “Nothing changes”
  185. Wondering what surprise player could be dealt for Kevin Kolb
  186. DeSean Jackson’s lockout adventures include skateboard tricks
  187. Vick will gather teammates for classroom work
  188. Eagles “loading up and going for it” when lockout ends
  189. Seven highlights from Andy Reid’s chat with fans Wednesday
  190. Quintin Mikell on life as a free agent: “We’re so deep in the lockout I don’t even ca
  191. Eagles sound poised to make big moves
  192. Vick surprises two grads with $5,000 scholarships
  193. Lurie: Evaluating Plaxico would be similar to evaluating Vick
  194. Vick talks Burress, endorsements in awkward interview
  195. Vick: Maybe the truth would have led to 'smack on the wrist'
  196. Eagles’ Brent Celek: Lockout OK until we start missing paychecks
  197. Howard Mudd wants to simplify Eagles line, improve Vick’s understanding
  198. Kafka says he’s ready to serve as Vick’s understudy
  199. Freddie Mitchell warns Kevin Kolb about Andy Reid
  200. Team checklist: Philadelphia Eagles
  201. More rumblings that Plax could land in Philadelphia
  202. Vick tells students about the struggles of getting away from old friendships
  203. Animal rights group buys Vick’s property
  204. Kolb says he won’t be a “turd” if stuck in Philadelphia
  205. Kolb and Kafka, but not Vick, attend Eagles workout
  206. Vick says Plaxico would be a “great addition” to the Eagles
  207. Brandon Graham doesn’t expect to be ready for season
  208. Eagles tout “good, aggresive plan” for free agency
  209. DeSean Jackson continues to work against bullying
  210. Eagles may be eager to talk to Plaxico Burress
  211. Mike Lombardi says Kevin Kolb isn’t worth a first-round pick
  212. Bobby April envisions Henery leading Eagles in points for 10-15 years
  213. Vick, Eagles get together for first day of workouts
  214. Andy Reid: The longer the lockout, the worse the quality of play
  215. Eagles' Cole says he's 'underrated' on NFL Network's Top 100 players
  216. Eagles’ web site pushes Kolb as worth more than a first-round pick
  217. Eagles look to simplify their defense
  218. Mike Vick will serve as commencement speaker in Philly
  219. David Akers won’t rule out return to Eagles
  220. Quintin Mikell knows his time in Philly is over
  221. Kolb trade agreement rumors shot down
  222. Mike Vick documentary is coming
  223. Michael Vick calls on Android to pull dogfighting app
  224. “Superstitious” Vick covets Madden cover
  225. Andy Reid talks up Kolb, Kafka
  226. Eagles 2011 Schedule
  227. Quintin Mikell is boycotting the draft
  228. Eagles will fly to Toronto in November
  229. NFL points to Stewart Bradley as reason for changes on concussions
  230. Kevin Kolb: “I’ll go to work as a backup if that happens”
  231. Eagles getting trade offers for Mike Kafka, too
  232. Kolb contract pricetag will make deal tougher
  233. Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin recovering from mono-like illness
  234. Examining whether Eagles fans appreciate the team
  235. Vick says he wouldn’t change anything about his life if he could
  236. Eagles tackle Winston Justice working hard to keep his job
  237. Todd Herremans tweet tweaks Big Ben
  238. Vick will organize workouts next week
  239. LeSean McCoy autograph controversy lingers
  240. Father of Jason Avant killed in car crash
  241. Kolb contract could be trickier than trade compensation
  242. PETA asks EA Sports to remove Vick from Madden cover contest
  243. Quanis Phillips going back to prison for lying about contact with Vick
  244. Jason Peters busted in Louisiana
  245. Another report of Michael Vick skipping an event
  246. Eagles legend Bednarik hospitalized
  247. Eagles looking for more than a first-round pick for Kolb
  248. Controversy at Michael Vick’s high school over displaying his jersey
  249. Leonard Weaver apologizes for slavery comment
  250. Eagles appear to be serious about moving Kolb

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