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Major Seahawk 10-10-2011 06:06 PM

Kolb suggests accountability is a problem in Arizona

For three straight weeks, the Cardinals came up with creative ways to torture their fanbase, losing in different ways late in the fourth quarter.

Arizona put their fans out of their misery early Sunday against Minnesota. It has a lot of people in Arizona remembering the pre-Whisenhunt days for the franchise.

Starting quarterback Kevin Kolb suggested that the teamís professionalism could improve.

ďThatís the problem. Itís not one person making a lot of mistakes; itís all of us making one or two mistakes,Ē Kolb said via the Arizona Republic. ďThatís where details come in. The head coach hit the nail on the head: Weíve got to get back to detail-oriented football.

ďIt starts with meetings. It starts with showing up to work on time, getting in early, getting your work done. All of the stuff that a professional is supposed to do.Ē

While he didnít outright say it, Kolb is suggesting that his Cardinals teammates lack discipline in their preparation.

The calls for Whisenhuntís head in Arizona seem silly, but the Cardinals coach has a mounting challenge in turning this season around. They canít blame everything on Derek Anderson, John Skelton, and Max Hall this year.

Canadian Speed 10-11-2011 07:12 AM

CS suggest that Kevin Kolb isn't a good enough QB to start pointing fingers at anyone.

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