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Kinnick 12-14-2014 10:16 AM

My original idea - Flex Week
A lot of peoples' college football improvement ideas are just regurgitated ideas from others. I have an idea that I think will work great, we can keep our four team playoff, but it opens the door for access for more teams. I need to patent it because if it ever gets implemented, I want all of the credit.

There are no changes to the structure of the sport. 12 regular season games, 8 conference and 4 OOC, or 9/3, whichever the individual conferences choose to do. I would prefer Big XII pick 2-4 more teams and have a CCG, but it isn't necessary.

My idea is to push the Conference Championship Games up one week and then every team schedule one of their OOC games for the last week of the season. I call that final week, "flex week". If some teams want to flip flop opponents or whatever the case is, so be it. Everyone knows what that final week is for. If two teams are 8-4, they probably just want to keep that matchup since they have no shot at the CFP. If Baylor and Marshall (if they hadn't lost to WKU) both determine it is in their best interests to play each other, then they do. If teams don't want to risk anything, say Alabama just won the SEC and knows they are in, they can stick with Western Carolina. If two teams don't want to be part of the flex week, they don't have to. We would know with a couple weeks left what teams would want to do.

This format implemented this year, would probably cause Ohio State, TCU, Baylor, Mich St, Miss St, Boise St, Marshall to all try and play one another. I wouldn't think that Bama, Oregon, FSU would want to take part, but in most years you would only have one or two that feel totally safe and not three.

I really don't see any collateral damage with this. No team is forced to do anything they don't want to do. It is a benefit/risk to only those schools that want to be in.

ShowMeTigers 12-14-2014 10:28 AM

Scheduling arrangements would not be that easy. I don't think they could accomplish it in a week or even two. Several teams will want to play the same team and that team will want to play teams others want to play. Plus booking the venues and all the payouts would be a problem. If it were possible it would shake things up and add another exciting and dramatic week.

WeWantTheVest 12-14-2014 01:24 PM

I think the more likely outcome would be teams like TCU and Baylor trying to find a more "impressive" team they actually could beat. TCU wouldn't want to play the Ohio State team that showed up against Wisconsin and neither would Baylor. I think they'd end up trying to play a very beatable team in or around the top ten to try to boost their resumes instead of getting knocked out by a better team.

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