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Basel 06-06-2012 09:19 AM

Rashean Mathis is cleared to practice following ACL tear

After a few days of bad news for the Jaguars, cornerback Rashean Mathis shared some good news on Tuesday.

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Mathis said during a stop on the team’s ongoing regional caravan that Dr. James Andrews gave the veteran defensive back clearance to practice on Monday.

Mathis, who signed a one-year deal to stay with the team in March, will participate in next week’s mandatory minicamp.

“I did some jumps and stuff at the Andrews Institute,” Mathis said. “He yanked and pulled on my knee and said everything is looking great, just keep strengthening the knee.

“I’m sure we’re going to take things slow, because we still have a few months before the actual season starts, but he has cleared me to participate with the team.”

Mathis suffered a torn ACL in November, and he has been rehabbing it since surgery to repair the ligament.

“I’ve been doing everything — running, jumping, cutting,” Mathis said. “Everything you do on the football field I’ve been doing. But it’s a different speed once you go against another competitor, and all of the things I’ve been doing on my own, not one-one with a receiver. That’s a big difference, and I understand that.”

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