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Major Seahawk 06-19-2011 07:04 AM

Talibís lawyer says case wonít be resolved soon

If Aqib Talib was hoping for a quick resolution to his legal problems, his lawyer has some disappointing news for him.

Talib is facing felony charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with a March 21 shooting, and lawyer Frank Perez told Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times that the case likely wonít be resolved until after the 2011 season.

ďRight now, if I requested a trial, it would be late November at the earliest and most likely it would be next year,Ē Perez said.

Perez is still hoping to get the case dismissed, but if itís not, Talib will spend the rest of 2011 waiting for a trial to start in 2012.

That raises questions about what Talibís status will be for the 2011 NFL season. There can be no league discipline until the lockout ends, but with felony charges hanging over him, thereís a good chance Talib wonít play at all in 2011, either because NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspends him or because the Bucs cut him and no other team wants the headaches Talib would bring with him.

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