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Spartan Havoc 04-23-2012 03:08 PM

CJ2K motivated to become a star again

Chris Johnson is acting differently this year. He's attending voluntary workouts for the first time in his career. It's like he knows something has to change after a disastrous 2011 season.

"Of course it motivates me because I want to do better than I did last year," Johnson told The Tennessean on Monday at the start of workouts. "I always like to get better and better every year. I feel like I didn't get better last year. There are a lot of things that go into it, but I'm not the type that's going to make excuses."

Canadian Speed 04-23-2012 04:22 PM


I hate that little douche! Everything he says just irks me. What!? A new multi million dollar deal wasn't enough to motivate you to play like you did in your ONLY 1500 yard rushing season!!! Granted it was 2006 yards, but it's the only time he's topped 1500 yards total. Give me a break, this guys ego is the only thing about his game that never quits... You know what you call a back that never goes over 1500 yards more then once? AVERAGE STARTER! There's nothing special about his game.

RealestWhiteBoy 04-23-2012 05:03 PM

He's topped 1,500 total yards in every season of his career except last year. He is #10 all-time for rushing yards after 4 seasons. He is #4 all-time in yards from scrimmage for a RB after 4 seasons. So, it's a bit of a stretch to call him an average back. If he doesn't bounce back this year, then he is an average starter he happened to have a great first 3 seasons. But it's false to act like he hasn't had a great start to his career and has a chance to have a special career.

He has also played in 63 of the Titans 64 games since he was drafted. He has never averaged under 4.0 yards a carry in any season and averages 4.8 over his career. Comparitivaly, AP has had 4 of 5 seasons with at least 1,500 total yards. AP has had 1 season under 1,000 yards rushing. AP has never topped 2,000 yards in a season. AP also averages 4.8 a carry. AP is #7 all-time for yards from scriammage for a RB after 4 seasons. AP iis #6 for rushing after 4 seasons all-time. Their numbers mirror each other perfectly ... do you consider AP an average RB?

However, as far as him being motivated ... that is total bull crap. He is attending team activities that he has never attended before, that is a fact. He is ONLY attending these activities and workouts because it is in his contract that over the life of his contract if he misses 6 or more workouts, even if they are labeled as voluntary workouts, then he must pay the team $250,000. He is motivated by money, not yards. Given a choice, he would still prepare by himself for each season, as he did the first 4 years of his career.

Canadian Speed 04-23-2012 05:41 PM

08/09 1228+260 = 1488
09/10 2006+503 = 2509
10/11 1364+245 = 1609 (my bad here)
11/12 1047+418 = 1465

He's had two over, two under... what you're talking about though is quickest to X yards. But that doesn't make a career. And it doesn't really make someone special.

RealestWhiteBoy 04-23-2012 07:26 PM

In his rookie year, he had a total of 1588.

People always say it isn't about the numbers, but it is ... when it comes times to induct into Hall of Fame, two things are analyzed above all else: stats and Super Bowl rings. That is one reason I respect baseball, they have the honesty to admit that.

But, let's look at his career, so far.

4 years
3 Pro Bowls
1 2,000+ yard rush season
5,645 regular season rush yards (Top 10 after 4 years in NFL history)
1,426 recieving yards
7,071 yards from scrimmage (Top 10 after 4 years in NFL history)
42 TDs (averaging 10+ TDs a season)
4.8 yards a rush
7.4 yards a reception
89.6 yards a game
112.2 yards from scrimmage a game over his career
Titans have had 1 losing season since he was drafted

Let's compare Elite RBs (Average of #1 and #32 RBs all-time threw first 4 seasons) vs Chris Johnson vs Average Starter (Average of #33 and #64 all-time threw first 4 seasons)

| Elite RBs | Chris Johnson | Average Starter
Yards | 5586.5 | 5645 | 3782.5
Yds per Att | 5.4 | 4.8 | 4.605
Rush TDs | 44 | 38 | 28.5
Rush Attps | 1221 | 1187 | 893.5
Scrimmage Yds| 6813.5 | 7071 | 5079
Rush Yds a Gm| 96.5 | 89.6 | 71.7

He's on par or better with the best RBs in after 4 years, exceeding the average RBs in every catagory. In all but 1 catagory, he exceeds the average RBs by leaps and bounds.

When you have a RB that has put up these numbers, set NFL records, has a 2,000+ yd rush season, 3 Pro Bowls ... you can't argue that threw 4 seasons he has elite numbers. There is no argument that in his 4th season he dropped off to average stats for that season. If he has another season like that, he will be an average back that had an amazing start to his career ... if he has another 1,500 yard season, then he will remain unquestionably elite at his position. But threw 4 years, he is an elite RB not only in the league, but in NFL history. We'll see how the 2nd half of his career starts and see if he maintains that status, though.

It won't be easy when you look at the schedule for 2012, which has us playing Steelers, Lions, Bears, Houston x2, Jags x2, and Jets. Not to mention games that will require us pass more than run because of the requirement to score points vs the teams like Pats, Pack, and possably San Diego (which I believe is the only team the Titans haven't beat since coming to Tennessee).

Canadian Speed 04-24-2012 06:11 AM

The numbers I got were from Yahoo Sports stats... They're the same as the ones on

Yahoo Chris Johnson

The fact is that he's had one INSANE monster season, and three average/poorer seasons. Admitted that the poorer numbers are compared to what his ego has said was just the start... His fast start was due to that one season alone since he nearly got 2 years worth of yards.

While being the quickest to a certain mark is pretty impressive, it pails when compared to the next more important stats of career totals, career TDs, etc. It's like saying that if a rookie were to come in and run for 2K yards, then retire, that he'd be amazing because he was the quickest to 2K yards... It certainly isn't so. Can he do more? Maybe, but the fact is that nearly every single guy that made it to 2K yards has left as a shell of himself within two or three seasons.

The thing that gets me is the ego here. It is impressive, no doubt, that he got that insane season, but that's like saying that Vanilla Ice is an amazing rapper because he got hip-hop into the mainstream with Ice Ice Baby, when in reality, he's a one hit wonder.

*Keeping the 2K season in mind! I'm not taking that away... But his 2K season is the least of all of the other players who've done it before him...

Steven Jackson, Adrian Peterson, Ladanien Tomlinson, and Edgerin James will all have done so much more over their careers. But it's Johnson's claims to be in this club that irk me. That along with the hold outs, the smack with little show, etc...

RealestWhiteBoy 04-24-2012 08:53 AM

His rookie year he rackeed up 1,500+ in the regular season + post season. Even considering, 1,488 is above average.

I didn't say he is one of the best ever. I said he has had one of the best starts ever, and is on pace to finish on par with the best ever.

Alright, he is average except for his 2,006 yard season.

CJ without his best year: 3,639 yds
AP without his best year from 2008-2011: 3,651

CJ: 3 Pro Bowls, 1 rushing title, 1 more time in top 5 rushing
AP (2008-2011): 3 Pro Bowls, 1 rushing title, 1 more time in top 5 rushing
Both got the rushing title in their best year. If you throw out their best year, then they both have 2 Pro Bowls and 1 time in top 5 rushing.

CJ without best year: 4,562 yds from scrimmage
AP 2008-2011 without best year: 4,567 yds from scrimmage

CJ without best year: 23-25 record for team
AP 2008-2011 without best year: 19-29 record for team

CJ without best year: 8 fumbles
AP 2008-2011 without best year: 16 fumbles

Again, if CJ is just an average starter, then AP is just an average starter ... who do you consider to be one of the best RBs in the game right now? Because whoever it is, CJ's number line up with his numbers, I promise you.

Canadian Speed 04-24-2012 12:08 PM

I'll agree with what you said earlier, we'll see what happens this season. If he has another like the last, it's safe to say that perhaps the wheels have begun to fall off and this was all for not. Fair enough?

Major Seahawk 04-24-2012 12:34 PM

I think CJ is overrated in so much as being able to rack up 2000 yards every season but He's still a top back in the league although last year was a poor year, but his numbers don't lie.

RealestWhiteBoy 04-24-2012 01:42 PM

Yep, I agree this is the season where he starts defining his career. If he is in the top 5 rushing, he's going to continue to establish himself as elite.

If he gets 1350 rushing, he will be the best back in Titans/Oilers history in both rushing yards and yards from scrimmage after 5 seasons. 1350 rushing will also make him #4 all-time in NFL history for rushing threw 5 season. It will also make him #5 after 5 seasons all-time in NFL for scrimmage yards, and that's before we factor in any of his recieving yards.

If he gets 979, then he will remain in the top 10 all-time for rushing after 5 seasons.

So, if he gets 1,000 I think he stays in the conversation of good runner historically and great runners of this generation. But top 5 is elite, I think ... so, I say he needs 1,281 rushing yards this year to keep himself in the conversation of elite rushers all-time.

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